Mossmouth Shockingly Reveals Spelunky 2 with New Trailer

Mossmouth Shockingly Reveals Spelunky 2 with New Trailer


During Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Paris Games Week pre-show, developer Mossmouth surprisingly revealed a sequel that many fans have been asking for — Spelunky 2.

For those unaware, Spelunky is one of the most critically-acclaimed and beloved roguelikes over the last decade. While many fans have long desired a sequel, there hasn’t been much indication from developer Mossmouth that we would ever get one, which makes today’s reveal so shocking.


In this reveal trailer, we mainly see a history of the main character from the original Spelunky in what we assume is his life after dungeon-crawling. He has since started a family and had a child and by the trailer’s end, it looks as if he is passing the torch onto his child for a series of new adventures.

You can find the reveal trailer for Spelunky 2 as follows. There’s still a lot that we don’t know about this highly anticipated sequel, but we do know that when it releases it will be coming to PS4.