Most Played XBox Live Games List is Interesting

The Xbox Live activity information for the week of May 2nd has been released, and the results are very interesting to say the least. While Black Ops remains the most played game, Modern Warfare 2 is number two on the list at the moment followed by Halo Reach. As a matter of fact, the last four Call of Duty titles are all present in the Top 20. Portal 2 hangs in at a very respectable 13th place which is impressive seeing as it only has co-op for multiplayer.

Outland takes the top Arcade spot which should come as no surprise seeing the buzz the game has been getting. I personally called it one of my favorite games of the year thus far. Portal: Still Alive is in third, possibly with boosted sales as the result of the sequel’s release. Unsurprisingly, Fortresscraft Chapter 1 is the top Indie game. You might have heard this one referred to as the Minecraft ripoff, though there’s more to it than that.

Check out Major Nelson’s blog for the full list.

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