Mother 4 Fan Project Gets a New Name and a Stunning New Teaser Trailer

It's finally happening!

By Ricky Frech

January 2, 2020

For years, the Mother 4 fan project has been in what’s felt like development hell. The game has always looked promising, but updates have seemed to come in fits and starts. The game started development in 2010 and the team has had to handle quite a bit to even get this far. In 2017, when many other fan projects were being hit with DMCA takedown notices, the Mother 4 team announced that they would be doing a full rebrand of the game to protect themselves. Today, that rebranding becomes official, as the Mother 4 fan project is officially titled Oddity. It looks better than ever.

For the team, this seems like a no-brainer move. The game was originally meant to be a free game; however, after all the work the team has put in, you’d like for them to get paid. And you can’t exactly go out and sell a game called Mother 4 on Steam and expect to not hear from Nintendo’s lawyers. However, there isn’t a copyright on having the Mother series as an inspiration. The rebrand to Oddity should make it much easier for the team to make some money off of this decade-long project.

And frankly, they deserve it. Throughout development, the game has always looked spectacular. That has definitely carried over with the update. The sprite work, in particular, is top-notch. That vintage cartoon aesthetic really pops with this new trailer.

Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a release date for Oddity. The trailer says, “it’ll be out when it’s ready”, which I’m fine with. The team has taken a decade to build the game and, at this point, they might as well make their dream game. If that means it’s not out until 2034, then so be it. Until then, I’ll just be watching this trailer on repeat.

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