Mother Manga Pollyanna with Inio Asano, Toby Fox and More Announced by Shigesato Itoi

35 artists participated in Mother tribute anthology manga Pollyanna including Nichijou's Keiichi Arai, Ping Pong's Taiyō Matsumoto.

May 20, 2020

Mother original author Shigesato Itoi revealed his company Hobonichi will publish a Mother anthology manga named Pollyanna. The manga will first be available exclusively at Hobonichi’s stores on June 12 at 11:00 JST. It will then be available in all bookstores in Japan on June 25. It’s priced at 2400 Yen (Tax Included).

Pollyanna is what we call an anthology comic in Japan, meaning it’s a succession of short stories and/or short novels drawn and written by different artists and authors.

Pollyanna and other projects were previously teased by Shigesato Itoi when he announced the Hobonichi Mother Project. The announcement trailer for the project mentioned many news that will please Mother fans will be announced”. The trailer for Pollyanna also teases more news is coming.

Here’s the trailer and samples for Pollyanna that have been published:

The book also includes a bonus seal with stickers, and a cotton bag will also exclusively be sold at Hobonichi Stores.

35 mangaka, artists and authors participated in Pollyanna, and the list has prestigious names in it. We most notably have Mother 3‘s Art Director Nobuhiro Imagawa, Nichijou‘s Keiichi Arai, Ping Pong‘s Taiyō Matsumoto, Oyasumi Punpun‘s Inio Asano and Undertale‘s Toby Fox. Pollyanna is B5 sized (182 * 257 cm), is 17 mm thick, and 224 pages in total.

Nobuhiro Imagawa tweeted a small animation for Pollyanna‘s announcement.

If you know a bit about manga, you’ll be quick to notice these mangaka all have pretty distinctive styles and works under their name. So it fits the universe of Mother pretty well. Personally speaking, I’ve never been too much into Mother and didn’t directly play the games myself, but I definitely want to grab this Pollyanna book either way. I’d order it day one if I was rich and if not for the Covid-19 pandemic making international shipping a headache.

We’ve compiled below a list of all the artists who worked on Pollyanna. With links to either English profiles when available or Twitter profiles, in Japanese. Note that these are Japanese artists we’re talking about. Some might see no problem in drawing or retweeting adult content. Check their profiles at your own risk.

List of the 35 artists who participated in Pollyanna:

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