Motiga Studios' Gigantic is "Moving Forward at Full Speed," Despite Staffing Changes

December 20, 2015

Originally unveiled at this year’s E3 2015, the MOBA-esque title Gigantic has been relatively quiet in the past few months and while its developer, Motiga Studios, recently experienced some setbacks with several layoffs and staff changes, the studio assured that work on the game is still continuing full-steam ahead.

In a blog post from developer Motiga Studios, the company provided a groundwork for “the road ahead” in terms of the studio’s future and for Gigantic following the layoff of 16 employees from the studio earlier this month.

Despite the setback, Motiga’s blogpost instead offered optimism and confidence in the game’s future, as Motiga Studios’ James Phinney wrote that, ultimately, the staffing changes at the studio came down to the needs of the game and the studio’s financial backing for the game. Phinney wrote:


“As a part of these efforts, we joined a select line up of titles slated for both Windows 10 and Xbox One release in 2015… and then we couldn’t get it done. We are close on many fronts, but the fact remains that the game is not as far along as we’d planned for it to be.”

“As a result, this last month we faced some very difficult choices. We had been building up a publishing team within Motiga in order to prepare for Gigantic’s release, but with the release date pushed into 2016 and funds short, we couldn’t keep everyone here. We have kept game development fully staffed and moving forward at full speed, but to do so we were forced to say goodbye to a lot of awesome people for reasons that had nothing to do with how well they did their jobs. We miss you guys, and we love you.”

Game development is surely no easy field, and despite the setbacks of layoffs Phinney assured that “the team fights on and the work continues,” while also writing that “as always, there are challenges. Some challenges require us to adapt. Some we master with ease. Some take blood, sweat, and tears.”

Phinney also detailed that 2016 will surely be another big year for Gigantic, as the studio will release a new beta build and “bringing thousands of new players” in to the experience, while other various updates and improvements will be made as the game’s development moves ahead.

Gigantic is currently in development for Xbox One and PC.


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