Motorsport Manager DLC and Free Update Add More Challenging Scenarios August 21

Motorsport Manager will be receiving The Challenge Pack DLC and The Devil is in the Detail update on August 21, both of which bring tons of new challenges and features to the game.

on August 7, 2017 3:07 PM

Playsport Games and SEGA unveiled the next big piece of DLC for Motorsport Manager today: The Challenge Pack. The also detailed the contents of a free update titled The Devil is in the Detail. Both will be added to the game on August 21.

As the title suggests, The Challenge Pack adds twelve new in-game challenges for players, some of which are based off real life scenarios. Added challenges include having to deal with the controversial rule of race sprinklers, having to work around your parts factory burning down, or dealing with the fact that your new lead driver has to be the Chairman’s dude-bro frat-boy son. These challenges can sometimes only race one game, but some can span an entire season, which can make them very challenging, even for veteran players

The Devil is in the Detail update increases the tension in Motorsport Manager by adding new features such as lap charts, weight stripping, and dynamic driver mistakes during races. Weight stripping allows players to take weight off of parts in order to increase performance at the cost of not having the most reliable or durable vehicle. The ability to save and load car setups has also been added in response to fan feedback.

You can currently pre-order The Challenge Pack in order to receive a 10% discount. You can also check out a new video detailing the contents of the DLC and update below. Motorsport Manager is currently available on PC, iOS, and Android.

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