Motorsport Manager Finally Gets Steam Workshop Support

Motorsport Manager Finally Gets Steam Workshop Support

Playsport Games and SEGA announced today that Steam Workshop support has finally been added to Motorsport Manager.

Steam Workshop support for the game was announced back in December  alongside the game’s 2D mode. The support was added in patch 1.23 for the game; you can read the full patch notes below:

  • Added Steam Workshop functionality.
  • A team’s fan base will now increase when that team is performing better than expected.
  • AI cars that have experienced a part failure mid race will now correctly return to their garage.
  • Drivers that should perform better when pushing for the lead will now correctly experience a boost.
  • Fix to unlocalised driver personality traits.
  • AI cars now make smarter decisions on when to pit to fix a part.
  • AI cars now scale their pit strategy lap calculations based on the player’s selected race distance length.

To celebrate this new feature, SEGA is holding a contest where players can create and submit their own car livery to SEGA through Steam Workshop. The winner of the contest gets their livery officially added to Motorsport Manager, gets themselves added to the game as a driver, and wins a cash reward of £1,000. You can read over the terms and conditions of the competition here.

Motorsport Manager is currently available on PC, iOS, and Android.