Motorstorm Arctic Edge Plows Its Way Onto the PSP

Motorstorm Arctic Edge Plows Its Way Onto the PSP

If you’re into more extreme racing conditions and like playing on your PSP, Motorstorm Arctic Edge ships today.  This follow-up to the two previous Motorstorm titles is its first entry on a handheld system, and was developed by BigBig Studios.  There’s a lot of cool features added, and the game takes full advantage of the PSP’s hardware.  Let’s take a look at what we have here.

  • 12 unique and reversible tracks.
  • The franchise’s signature hostile AI.
  • Rugged Alaskan landscapes are the focus of this title – narrow mountain passes, large ice caves and slick ice bridges.
  • Two new vehicle classes – the agile Snowcat and the imposing Snow Machine.
  • Online and ad-hoc modes both support up to eight players and plenty of options to take down your opponents.
  • The soundtrack includes 20 licensed tracks from top artists.

Sony’s Scott A. Steinberg had this to say about the game: “We are excited to have MotorStorm Arctic Edge added to the arsenal of quality PSP titles available this holiday. MotorStorm Arctic Edge takes full advantage of PSP functionality by bringing exciting features such as eight-player online and ad-hoc modes, photo mode, and the ability to create a custom music playlist to suit your driving mood.”


Sound like your cup of tea?  Its available today.