Move or Die Announced For PlayStation 4, Releasing 2017

Move or Die Announced For PlayStation 4, Releasing 2017

Developer Those Awesome Guys announced today via PlayStation Blog that 4-player local and online party game Move or Die will be coming to PlayStation 4 in 2017.

The fundamental gameplay rule is that if a player moves, they die. Seems straightforward enough, no?

Each 20 second mini-game is designed to keep players constantly on their toes, as games are randomly chosen every time. These range from “Kill your enemies by doing backflips and shooting them with your sniper which only fires while you are not touching the ground” to “Press a button to inflate and run into an opponent so you can knock him back and create an electric vortex in the middle that will kill anybody who touches it.”

The developer went on to mention that the upcoming PC port will feature new playable characters, more game modes, and more rule modifiers alongside it’s already two-on-two, three-on-one, and “two-on-one-on-one” versus options.

Move or Die released early this year on Steam. A new trailer for the game’s PS4 version can be found below, featuring the title’s signature bizarreness: