Now Available on PSN Now Available on PSN, a software development kit for PlayStation Move, is now up on PSN. The app is intended for students to develop programs for the Move that do things “beyond traditional gaming”. Examples of this Sony mentions include physical therapy, educational tools, and sports rehabilitation.

The kit is free for students, faculty, and pretty much anyone with a .edu email address. Unfortunately, it’s not free in areas outside the US at this time. The kit costs $99.99 for people outside the US educational system, which is about the same as an iOS developer kit. As software dev kits go, it’s cheap, but I’ve seen many complaints from people about its price.

I guess those people don’t realize that this isn’t for making games as much as it is for making programs like the aforementioned therapies and tools.

If you’re in the US and want your free copy of the kit, you can register for one here. Otherwise, it can be downloaded off of PSN for $99.99.

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