Move Over FIFA. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Is in Town

Move Over FIFA. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Is in Town

The greatest of greats in the soccer games genre is here – PES 2010 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2010).  Forget FIFA.  In fact, take whatever you thought of the FIFA franchise and throw it out the window right now.   You haven’t seen or experienced a soccer game of this magnitude… ever.  And what they’ve done with this game only proves that PES 2010 will reign as the king of soccer – if not sports – games in just about every level we can imagine – especially with regards with governing the actual play style and strategy of your more delicate team.

Two new systems have been introduced.  One, is the changing of team styles which allows you to fine-tune your team’s setup using eight sliders: Player Support, Support Range, Position Switch, Attacking Style, Pressing, Defensive Line, Defensive Strategy, and Compactness.  These tactical changes take effect immediately; meaning that as soon as you finish collaborating your team’s setup, the A.I. will immediately make the appropriate changes in the field to accommodate the change of style(s) you’ve chosen.  The second major addition are Cards.  Cards provides the player with more tactical options in the game.  Think of it as broader range of abilities for each player on your team.  If a specific card, for example, “Cut Back Pass” is activated, the player will shoot across goal to bring others into play.  Each player on the team has a specific card(s) which allows them to perform a certain action/ability.  These newly implemented features gives the player a larger range of control over their team in PES 2010, and enhances the feel of the game to be a bit more conforming with regards to realistic team management.    Cards can also be switched off for tactical reasons well (e.g. for defensive purposes) depending on your personal play style.

I’m not much of a soccer fan, but this game has me in its pocket.  The depth that PES 2010 takes with regards to control makes me want to experience this thing first-hand just to find out how true it stays to gameplay and whether or not these new additions alter, in any way, the overall sensation of the game itself.  Does it take away from the game?  Does it add a much more pleasing and realistic involvement?  I’ll find out soon enough.  We’ll see if Konami’s key improvements are as good as they look and sound.

You can learn more about the systems by watching the video after the jump.  Prepare to me amazed, my friend.  

We can expect to see this game hitting our store shelves November 2009.

4 responses to “Move Over FIFA. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Is in Town”

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  2. FIFA for Life says:

    FIFA will never be replaced as reigning champion of football sims. I can guarantee that FIFA will score better and play better this year. PES may have improved their game a bit, but it won’t touch FIFA.

    Also, I’d wait if I were you til you actually see FIFA, seeing as it hasn’t been shown to the public until next week.


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  4. "FOOTBALL" fan says:

    haha just goes to show, when he says i’m not really a soccer fan
    1. I am a FOOTBALL fan
    2. have you ever played fifa 09
    3. have you ever tried PES online ?….
    4. did you actually play PES 09 the worst football game since “this is football”

    Pro evo has been an arcade kick about since 06, 05 was one of the best Football games ever, but is now more like a game you’d pay a pound for a quick knock about in the arcade, still scoring with the sam goals …run up field get to penalty box slide a pass back and goal everytime since PES 6 this goal still scores every time. its alright for a game when your mates are in your house and your all a bit drunk for a laugh but for real Football and amazing online options FIFA i’m afraid has far surpassed it.
    I still buy PES every year hoping it will improve but it never does, same old same old master league with unplayable online, and not even an update to get saha out of a united kit or berba in one.
    sorry you’ve gotta do more to convince me this year seabass than the pretty graphics and sliding bars.