Movies at the Press of a Button!

Sony are certainly fighting hard to ensure that they’re the big dogs who stay on top in the world of virtual entertainment!

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced today in London that more than 2000 films are available to download, purchase or rent on your PS3 or PSP. This system is available in France, Germany, Spain and the UK with more countries to follow in 2010 (unlucky USA – muahaha!). It was said that this service allows film fans to download a wide selection of titles (including latest releases) straight onto their consoles for portable use. Your mate got a 50″ plasma? Unplug your PS3, take it round theirs and enjoy my friends.

Bish, bash, bosh.

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Gary Marston

Hey there, the name’s Gary Marston! I currently reside in the small (and by small, I mean absolutely tiny) hamlet of Bretford, close to Birmingham in the United Kingdom. My main interests in life are entirely media-related. I’m a keen film-maker, journalist, performer and writer, however when I can – nothing entertains me more than settling down in front of the old trustworthy Playstation3 and immersing myself in a brilliant game! I'm very open minded when it comes to gaming - however I am a man's man... don't try pushing Barbie: Shopping Adventure on me DualShockers, cos I'm not that open minded!!

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