Moving Out Accessibility and Assist Mode Features Detailed in New Trailer

Here are the accessibility and assist features that are going to be present in Moving Out at launch.

Moving Out is an upcoming co-op game from SMG Studio that finds players working together to move house. Essentially it’s a mixture of Overcooked and The Stretchers. In a recent video prior to its launch this month, the accessibility and assist modes have been detailed.

The video gives a wonderful look at some of the features that disabled players can expect to see. A scaleable UI is one of them, showing the game’s UI being scaled up and down using a slider. The text in the game is also dyslexic friendly, which essentially changes the font and weight of the text.

Subtitles are present for dialogue, featuring white, thick text with a hard drop shadow to stand out from the game. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to feature a background box. Additionally, keyboard controls can be remapped, and controllers have preset profiles.

Toggle options are something we recently learned about through a Twitter exchange, allowing players to choose whether they want to hold a button or trigger, or whether they want to press it to activate it and press it again to deactivate. The same technique is applied for throwing, allowing the player to tap to start the aiming process rather than holding to aim.

Moving Out also includes an assist mode, allowing players to choose to have longer time limits. For example, a gold ranking can see 35 seconds added to the timer, 50 seconds for silver, and 120 seconds for bronze. Objects can also be made to vanish on delivery, without the assist mode the objects can cause another obstacle for players to get objects into the goal area.

Reduced difficulty is also included in assist mode which removes dangerous obstacles designed to add an extra layer of difficulty for players. And if players are really struggling with a level, the option to skip the level is going to be present. Some objects have heavier properties than others, and so a feature to make objects lighter allows a single player to lift a heavy object with less effort.

SMG Studio recently had an interview with in which the CEO, Ashley Ringrose encouraged “more developers to prioritize adding accessibility options to their games.” In addition, they said, “The goal for us is to allow anyone, of any ability, to play and enjoy Moving Out,”

Moving Out is due to launch on April 28, 2020, and will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can check out what we thought of the game when we got hands-on at PAX East 2020.

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