Moving Out Features Wheelchairs, Hijabs, and Accessible Features

Moving Out will let you wear a hijab, put any character in a wheelchair, and make use of numerous accessibility features.

Moving Out is a game from SMG Studio and Team17 which allows players to move furniture from a home, which becomes increasingly more complex as you progress, to a moving truck. However, it looks like the developer has focused on nailing accessibility and representation as revealed in various tweets over the weekend.

The game takes a similar approach to Overcooked in which there’s a lot of clumsiness and struggle to complete tasks. But as stated by VG247, the game is loaded with accessibility features. Difficulty can be adapted to suit the needs of the player, for example, allowing the furniture to disappear inside of the moving truck rather than require the player to stack them. There’s also an option to allow large objects to be carried alone.

Additionally, Moving Out allows complete remappable controls as well as the option to select from holding a button to grip objects, or pressing the button once to grip, and again to let go. There are also options to extend time, turn off some dangers, and to skip levels if the player fails.

The game goes deeper with some character customization options not commonly seen in video games. One of these options is seen in the latest PlayStation Twitter account clip making a Friends reference. One of the characters is in a wheelchair, which caught the attention of one user and then saw VG247’s Kirk McKeand state that every character can be put into a wheelchair if they wish. SMG Studio confirmed this information and stated that it means “players can choose their fave character and be represented.”

Ashley Ringrose, studio head at SMG Studios responded to the mention of the optional hijabs state that he’s Muslim himself and that this option should be standard these days. He also confirms to a user asking about a Yamaka (Kippa) that having the Hijab was a personal choice rather than trying to represent every faith.

It’s unclear if full remappable controls will be available in the console versions, but Moving Out looks to be trying to make the game as enjoyable and personal as possible which is always a great thing. It’s due to arrive on April 28 for PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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