MS Expects to Ship Five Million Kinect Units This Holiday Season

on November 3, 2010 9:00 PM

MS Expects to Ship Five Million Kinect Units This Holiday Season

You know that a company is confident in its product when it pours five hundred million dollars into marketing. It goes without saying that expectations for profit are high. In Microsoft’s case, those expectations may be ridiculously high. The company has revealed that it expects the motion peripheral to sell a staggering five million copies and bring in 750 million dollars in estimated profit.

The advertising campaign has already put Kinect on both the Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey shows, and is being heavily promoted via fast food retailers like Burger King. Perhaps MS really can pull this thing off if they play their cards right. Personally, it seems unlikely. Check out this ShockCast for more opinions on Kinect marketing and sales.

Kinect is offered in three flavors: the standalone unit which retails for $150, bundled with a 4 GB Xbox 360 for $300 and Bundled with a 250 GB Xbox 360 for $400. Remember that an Xbox 360 is needed to use Kinect. Kinect will go on-sale tonight at 12 AM at more than 30,000 stores across America alone. I can’t wait to see the first day sales.


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