Microsoft Pouring $500 Million Into Kinect Launch

Microsoft Pouring $500 Million Into Kinect Launch


Microsoft is determined to make its new motion control peripheral Kinect the biggest gaming platform launch of all time, and today the New York Posts revealed exactly how they plan on going about this.

First of all, the marketing campaign has a huge budget of five hundred million dollars. As if that didn’t cover it, they had legendary producer Steven Spielberg aid in the creation of the campaign. The campaign will encompass beverage and food containers, internet sites, television commercials, magazines, billboards, and just about every other marketing ploy imaginable.

Robert Matthews, general manager of global Xbox communications, had this to say:

“Kinect is the largest, most integrated marketing initiative in Xbox history, bigger than its launch, We are going to be spending millions to launch this globally.”

Apparently, Kinect is going to be huge whether you like it or not. The peripheral launches on November 4th for $150 and comes bundled with the required Xbox 360 console for twice that, at $300.