Muddledash Launches with an Oddly Enchanting Live-Action Trailer

Muddledash Launches with an Oddly Enchanting Live-Action Trailer

Muddledash, the octopus racing game from publisher PQube Limited, launches on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac with a live-action trailer.

If the concept of an octopus racing game didn’t already seem like the product of an acid flashback, Muddledash publisher PQube Limited upped the weirdness ante and released a live-action launch trailer for the game, complete with adult-sized octopus costumes.

The new trailer features a group of live-action octopuses enthusiastically chasing one another around a city, attempting to grab a present from one another in true Muddledash style. Intercut with gameplay footage, the live-action portion of the trailer captures the same frenetic, freewheeling energy of the game, replicating the colorful chaos of Muddledash to a tee.

On the off-chance you’re not up to date on all of the latest octopus news, Muddledash is a party-style racing game where all players vie for a single present. Traveling at high speeds, you and your follow octopuses are able to jump over and attack one another, essentially doing whatever it takes to seize the present and deliver it to the octo-party yourself. Of course, you must keep your wits about you, as all of your opponents are trying to do the same thing.

You can check out the delightful live-action launch trailer for Muddledash below. The game is available now on Windows, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.