Outrun Aliens in Mugsters; Now Live on Steam Greenlight

Outrun Aliens in Mugsters; Now Live on Steam Greenlight

Developer Reinkout has announced that it’s action adventure game where you outrun aliens — Mugsters — is live on Steam Greenlight. And to celebrate, a new trailer has been released.

According to the game’s Steam Greenlight pageMugsters is game where you will need outrun, and outsmart Alien’s that are chasing you (and tearing everything up around you in the process) on remote islands that are holding your fellow humans as prisoners in vats. The objective is to not only dodge these aliens and their abduction rays, but to save your people and depart them to safety via a hot air ballon.

The game is said to boast “fast paced action” with a variety of dangers that will force you to be quick on your feet, as well destructible enviroments and a physics system that encompasses pretty much everything in the game. It also has full controller support.

For those interested, the developer is currently looking for testers for the game: you can sign up by following this link.

Mugsters is in development for PC, and currently has no release date or window. But it does have a new trailer — you can check it out below: