Multiplayer Beta for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Will Only Be Available on PS3

By Alix Minjarez

September 16, 2010

Objective: Obtain the highest possible score by killing assigned targets.
Any PlayStation 3 owners out there waiting to get their hands on Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood? If yes, then Ubisoft has a treat for you. Sorry Xbox owners, but it looks like the PS3 will be getting the multiplayer beta exclusively. If you pre-order your game before September 25, you will get the chance to test out the multiplayer before everybody else. The beta will start on October 4, which s just three weeks away.

Here’s the details on what’s to expect in the multiplayers:

Wanted – Adversarial mode: From six to eight players

  • Objective: Obtain the highest possible score by killing assigned targets.
  • Game session: 1 round of 10 minutes
  • In this game mode, players have 10 minutes to reach the higher score by assassinating other players. A target is assigned by the system and players can only kill that specific target. Interaction with the other players is not permitted unless they are either a target or a pursuer. If players kill innocents they will trigger an “open conflict”. The position of the player will be revealed to their target and then will have the ability to escape or to cancel the contract. If the target has identified one of his pursuers, he can stun him to cancel the contract and score points.

Alliance* – Cooperative mode: Three teams of two players

  • Objective: Obtain the highest possible score with your teammate by killing the assigned team. The teammates share the same character.
  • Game session: 2 rounds of 4 minutes
  • At the beginning of the round, a target team is assigned to each of the three teams. Those targets will not change for the entire round. During the round, players can switch between their two targets at anytime. Players will score by killing targets or escaping or stunning pursuers, but in addition, are rewarded by helping their teammate or performing cooperative actions like multiple kills in a row. At the end of the first round, all players will respawn and a new target is assigned to each team. The game session ends at the end of the second round.

*One thing to note is that Alliance will become unlocked by the community

The game is still scheduled for its November 16, 2010 launch on consoles.

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