Multiplayer Coming To Space Engineers…Soon

Multiplayer Coming To Space Engineers…Soon

Keen Software House’s Space Engineers has done a phenomenal job in introducing frequent updates to the game via Steam Early Access. But the one thing players have requested the most has been Multiplayer, and so the developers have released the short video below to show where they are so far in development.

As the video shows, it’s coming along, but the developers want to make it clear that it’s not ready yet. The update won’t be included in this week’s patches, but will be coming along soon, with more information to come within the next few weeks.


For newcomers to the game, Space Engineers gives players freedom in designing space stations and spaceships as they see fit, with a sense of realism added in through the physics engine, and encouragement to test, fly and crash everything they build, especially to help the developers polish the game into perfection.

Space Engineers is available on Steam Early Access for $14.99, which comes with some good perks for early adopters. For more trailers and details, check out more of DualShockers’ Space Engineers news.

For more on the game’s development, check out the Marek Rosa Blog and the Space Engineers website, where you will also be able to purchase the game. For more on the most recent updates, check out the Space Engineers Steam Workshop page.