Multiplayer WWII Shooter Battalion 1944 Receives Litany of Changes in Latest Update

A new game mode, updated visuals, and tons of other changes have arrived in Bulkhead Interactive's Battalion 1944.

on July 12, 2018 10:35 AM

After taking in feedback from their community, Bulkhead Interactive, the developers of Battalion 1944, have released a massive new update for the World War II multiplayer shooter.

This new update, which essentially changes the entirety of Battalion 1944, has included fixes ranging from big and small. Along with new game modes, new maps, and general performance updates, Bulkhead Interactive has also completely improved the game’s graphics and sound engine while also rebalancing all of the weapons.

A quick rundown of all the major changes that this update brings can be found as follows:

●        Major Performance Improvements for ALL Players

●        New Competitive Gamemode ‘Wartide 2.0’

●        New Map ‘Savoia’

●        New Matchmaking System

●        New HQ Sound Engine

●        New Crystal Clear VOIP System

●        More Verticality In Level Design

●        New Weapons

●        New War Chest

●        New Free BattleRank

●        Thousands of Bug Fixes

●        Rebalanced Weapons

●        Map Redesigns

●        New Character Models

●        Improved Hitboxes & Hit Detection

●        Fixed the “Corner Jump” meta

●        New Realistic Sound Effects

●        New HUD & UI

Bulkhead interactive has also released a new trailer for Battalion 1944 highlighting many of the changes that they have made to the game in this new update. You can find this video below.

Currently, Battalion 1944 is available for play in early access on PC via Steam.

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