Multiple Nintendo Switch Games May Not Support Cloud Saves

Multiple Nintendo Switch Games May Not Support Cloud Saves

It appears as though a good chunk of popular titles on Nintendo Switch won't be supporting cloud saves once the Switch's online service launches this month.

It’s likely that Nintendo’s postponed Direct event would’ve given us lots of details about the companies upcoming online service for the Nintendo Switch. Some things from that event have come out a bit early like information regarding cloud saves on the console. It’s important to note that nothing will be confirmed until the actual Nintendo Direct goes live at a later date, but it seems as though there will be a good amount of big titles that won’t support cloud saving features.

According to the page for Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee and Let’s Go! Pikachu, those two titles may not feature cloud saving. A tiny blurb at the bottom of the page reads:


This game does not support Save Data Cloud backup.”

This may be disappointing to many considering it means that if you break your Switch or have a second one, your saved data will be exclusive to one console. Splatoon 2’s page also, unfortunately, includes the same quote. Furthermore, games like Dark Souls: Remastered, Dead Cells, NBA 2K19, and Fifa 19 also may not support cloud saves.

Nintendo Switch’s online service has been delayed for quite a while and is supposed to launch this month, and yet we really don’t know much about it at all. Subscription prepurchases went live back in July and they’re currently still available. Thankfully, even if the online service doesn’t turn out to be fantastic, it’ll only cost you $20 for an entire year.