MultiVersus: How To Play Finn

Finn can be a powerful character in MultiVersus if in the right hands. This guide will help players master the art that is playing Finn.

August 5, 2022

Finn is a beloved character in MultiVersus who keeps all of the charm and optimistic attitude he had in Adventure Time and brings it onto the fighting game stage. He is a menace on the battlefield with a lot of charge attacks that can deal massive damage. He also has speed and armor buffs that can be continually upgraded.  

This guide will allow players to make the most of Finn’s specials and attacks so that players can get the upper hand with this delightful character. 

Moves And What They Do

So that players can master Finn, players need to take a deep look into his move list which is presented as follows with tips added for each of the moves:



High Five, Dude! (Neutral Special)

  • Finn charges a high five attack that can reflect certain projectiles. 
  • In a team, if Finn charges a high five and high fives his teammate then it releases a blast projectile around himself.
  • In the air, it’s the same but he bounces back from an opponent.
  • This is not the best move as it takes a bit to start working

Get Skronked! (Side Ground Special)

  • Finn rushes at an enemy blocking projectiles.
  • If this attack hits he can do it again.
  • If Finn dropped a Gem he will teleport towards it.
  • This move rarely if ever kills opponents. 
  • This move is a great combo starter as Finn can do a move right after if it lands.
    • Be careful because if it doesn’t land this move it takes a little while for Finn to get moving again.

Mathematical Air Dash! (Side Air Special)

  • This move does a dashing sword swing.
  • If Finn dashes toward a fighter he will be able to move farther and do more damage
  • The move has a sweet spot at the end of it
  • If Finn drops a Gem he will teleport to its position before the attack.
  • On its own, this move is not the best, but with the Gem teleport, it can be extremely useful.

Backpack Attack! (Up Ground Special)

  • Finn spins his backpack which keeps hitting enemies caught in it.
  • This move can kill enemies on the ground if they are hit at a high percentage.
  • Players should keep in mind this move has a vacuum effect so enemies can be hit even if Finn is looking away.

Soaring Backpack Attack! (Up Air Special)

  • The same as the ground special, but he shoots upward during the attack.
  • This is one of if not the most useful move in Finn’s kit as it has a high kill potential.
  • When players are using air combos they’ll want to finish with this move.

Sweet Deals! (Down Ground Special)

  • Finn shops for goods using his Coin. 
  • He can buy stacks of Hasten which increase his speed 
  • He can buy a stack of Booty which gives him Armor and a projectile shield when attacks are charged.
  • Finn can buy BMO which does a High Damage BMO chop attack that needs to be precisely timed.
    • This attack can kill early but is useless in most fights.

Throwin’ Stones (Down Air Special)

  • If Finn has Coin he will throw a Gem Item forward. 
  • With the Gem Item, Finn can teleport to it with his side air special or side ground special
  • If Finn has no Coin then he will throw an apple item that does minor damage to enemies.


Chop! (Neutral Ground Attack)

  • A charged sword that chops forward.
  • This attack is very rarely used as it doesn’t do much in comparison to his other attacks.

Slam-Bam-In-A-Can! (Neutral Air Attack)

  • A kick that breaks Armor.
  • Finn will dash behind enemies that he kicks.
  • The dash has a cooldown.
  • The dash also makes it so that Finn can instantly combo into another move.

The Sword Stuff (Side Ground Attack)

  • A stab that can be charged and combos into a series of swipes.
  • This forward jab does wonders when it comes to being able to be followed up by other attacks.
  • Unlike some characters, Finn can kill with this move.

Flying Sword Moves! (Side Air Attack)

  • A combo of two forward slashes.
  • The second attack can be charged.
  • This is one of Finn’s best moves to use to approach enemies with.
  • The charge attack has the potential to kill.

Slasher (Up Ground Attack)

  • This attack charges an upward slash that also launches Finn with it.
  • The more charged this attack is the higher Finn jumps.
  • This is great for following up with enemies at a lower health percentage and when mixed with his up special can be devastating.
  • If an enemy is at a high health percentage, this can land a kill

Sky Punch (Up Air Attack)

  • An upward punch.
  • This is one of the best air moves to combo into the up special with to get a kill.
  • This move is also great for air juggling opponents.

Low Blow, Bro! (Down Ground Attack)

  • A plunging stab downward that breaks Armor. 
  • The move releases a projectile that hits multiple times if charged all the way.
  • The move spikes downward which is useful as it can be used to edge guard.
    • This can be very difficult so players might want to try and practice it a bit.

Ground Chop! (Down Air Attack)

  • A downward chop.
  • This move can be super useful for edge guarding. 
  • If an enemy is at high health percentage this move has great kill potential.
  • If an enemy tries to ledge guard Finn this hits above Finn and can negate an enemy’s spike.
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Here are some extra tips to keep in mind when playing Finn:

  1. Most of Finn’s attacks besides his ground-neutral special only gain power if Finn is charging while moving. 
  2. Any time Finn hits his enemies they will drop coin that boosts his specials. The coin can also be used to buy items.
  3. Players need to keep in mind that because Finn is a sword character he has some good range so spacing should always be kept in mind.
  4. Take advantage of buying haste as soon as possible.
  5. Finn is an Assassin so he can kill early but also die early on. 
  6. Finn is mainly an aerial killer, so while players can start their combo off the ground they want to get enemies in the air as soon as they can.
  7. If an enemy is at low health, players want to enter most fights with a side jump attack and then combo players using aerial attacks as they can all combo well together.

Finn Combos

These Finn combos give players an upper hand when playing Finn and allow them to win more matches:

  • Air Juggle combo: Jump, Air Down-Normal, Up-Normal, Air Up-Special
  • Knockback combo: Jump, Air Down-Normal, Air Neutral-Normal, Side-Normal
  • Air Knockback combo: Up-Normal, Jump, Air Side-Normal, Air Side-Special
  • High Damage ring-out combo: Jump, Air Side-Normal, Side-Normal, Down-Normal
  • Air ring-out combo: Jump, Air Down-Normal, Air Side-Normal, Air Up-Special, Air Side-Normal, Air Up-Special
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