Murder by Numbers New Animated Intro Turns The Game Into a Saturday Morning Cartoon

Murder by Numbers New Animated Intro Turns The Game Into a Saturday Morning Cartoon

Murder by Numbers' new animated intro gives the game some serious late 80s/early 90s Saturday morning cartoon vibes.

Murder by Numbers is an upcoming narrative-driven Picross game from developer Mediatonic and publisher The Irregular Corporation. Usually, story and Picross don’t have much cross-over, but Murder by Numbers meshes the two in what looks like a great partnership. And now, the team has put out a brand new animated intro that turns the game into your kid’s new favorite Saturday morning cartoon. It’s got character intros, some silly hijinks, and a theme that slaps. Check it out below.

Sometimes games feel directly targeted at you. Maybe you love basketball and Mario, making Mario Hoops 3-on-3 perfect for you. Or maybe you love Disney, Final Fantasy, and convoluted story-telling. Kingdom Hearts is a great series for you to jump in! Or maybe you really want to play an action RPG set in space, but with a heavy Norse mythology influence. Well, Too Human was a thing. Maybe you’re the one person that worked for.

Seriously though, Murder by Numbers is that game for me. I adore Picross puzzles and love me some weird murder mysteries (see: my devotion to last year’s Judgment). Murder by Numbers puts those two together in a way that I simply haven’t seen before. And, given that Picross has been a relatively static puzzle genre outside of Picross 3D, seeing some new ideas in the space is incredibly refreshing. The only bad news for me is that my wife likes Picross even more than I do, so when Mediatonic’s latest drops, I don’t expect I’ll see my Switch for a few weeks.

Murder by Numbers comes to Nintendo Switch and PC in early 2020.