Murder Detective Jack The Ripper Gets New Story Details, Debut Trailer

Murder Detective Jack the Ripper, new visual novel by Nippon Ichi Software, gets story details, characters profiles, and its first trailer.

February 2, 2019

Here’s everything Nippon Ichi Software revealed on Murder Detective Jack The Ripper, which was announced at the end of January 2019.

Here’s the game’s synopsis:

Murder Detective Jack the Ripper stars Arthur Hewitt, a detective in London currently investigating a serial murder case. When discovering the body of a new victim, he suddenly smiles as if overjoyed, and experiences an emotional shock, triggering the apparition of “Ruby: Jack the Ripper”.
Together with his unusual partner, Arthur will get tangled in more and more cases, reaching to the darkness lurking in London. What kind of justice Arthur will pursue? Solving his cases through logic and law like a proper detective? Or giving in to his murderous instincts and use more forceful ways? Will you make the right choices? You’d better think twice, so as to not regret your actions. Good or evil, the choice is yours…

Murder Detective Jack the Ripper is described as a “novel adventure” game, meaning it’s a visual novel. In the game’s setting, London is a fictional city with advanced medical technology, and Jack the Ripper was a serial killer who got caught and publicly executed two years prior to the game’s start.  He would always dismember his victims as if to show off a spectacle, and would leave the message “From Hell” written on crime scenes. Through the years, countless victims have fallen to his knife, the sole weapon he ever used. And yet, he would manage to never leave any evidence behind. As they control Arthur, players will have many choices to take, leading them to either detective-like resolutions or serial killer-like actions, changing the game’s story and the ending you’ll get.


Playing the game will make you ask yourself things like how far legitimate defense goes, or if it’s fine to kill criminals who already murdered many people, without going through the law. Like with most visual novels, the game also has a scenario tree which you can access. This lets you go back to previous choices and pick another option without needing to replay the game from the beginning.

Judging from the trailer, Murder Detective Jack the Ripper has at 5 main story chapters including the prologue: “Incubation”, “Persona”, “Azrael”, “Deadly Enemy”, and “Crackdown” . Lastly, there’s a high chance the game has an hidden chapter and a “true ending” unlocked depending on your choices, like in many visual novels, with a secret society or sect pulling the strings “for the sake of their utopia”.

Here’s a translation of each characters’ quote in the trailer, along with their profiles:

“I want to save people! That’s why I became a detective!”

Arthur Hewitt, Murder Detective Jack the Ripper‘s protagonist. Arthur is a young man who became a detective two years ago, starting his own business, the Hewitt Detective Agency. Arthur is the most happy when he gets to help people. Be it manual labor or helping find lost items or pets, Arthur always lends a hand to the citizens of London and everyone loves him. Two years ago, following riots that happened after Jack the Ripper’s public execution, Arthur was fatally wounded, but survived after receiving an heart transplant. He’s currently investigating a serial murder case with Lori as his client.

“Calling me a mere illusion is so cold of you, partner”

Self-proclaimed Jack the Ripper, voiced by Kiyohiro Yamaguchi. A mysterious individual which can only be seen and heard by Arthur. Is he a supernatural ghost, or an illusion created by Arthur’s mind? He claims to be a serial killer, always seem to be enjoying himself and often teases Arthur.
The official press release always mentions how “Jack the Ripper” only names himself that, so this will be an important plot point.

“Stay put! You’re under arrest for murder!”

Charlotte Peaceley, voiced by Aiko Yamasaki. A woman part of London’s police. She has a strong sense of justice and honor, coupled with a particularly honest personality. She is merciless against criminals and would never forgive wrongdoers.

“Anything goes, even getting my own hands dirty.”

Harry Braun, voiced by Yuki Fujino. A police officer in London, mainly in charge of criminal cases. He’s Charlotte’s superior and the two often work together. Their personalities don’t match, however.

“I’m fine with handling my Family’s annoying jobs. And my honor would be tarnished if I didn’t help you out, Arthur”

Lori Godspeed, voiced by Mitsuki Natsukawa. One of the sub-leaders of the Godspeed Union Family, a Mafia based in London. She’s very influential in the part of the town where Arthur’s agency is based, and is also Arthur’s client. She has a manly way of speaking.

“We’re talking about Arthur here.”

Walter Reichel, voiced by Kouji Mikogami. A doctor in London with his own clinic. He’s also Arthur’s personal physician. He’s well versed in multiple medical fields, including psychiatry. He also handles autopsies for the London Metropolitan Police Department.

“Hi Arthur!! You’re right on time for your usual checkup.”

Sophie Reichel, voiced by Yuki Kawakami. Sophie is Walter’s daughter, helping her father at the clinic. She’s very knowledgeable despite her age, and handles the reception, the house chores and acts as a medical assistant.

As a side note, one interesting thing is how the game doesn’t have any extremely popular seiyuu among the characters they revealed so far. Another thing, I think “Serial Killer Detective Jack the Ripper” could be a slightly better translation of the Japanese name. But every other outlet calls the game Murder Detective Jack the Ripper, so I’ll be using that as well for Google efficiency. Unless I missed Nippon Ichi Software writing the game’s name in English somewhere, we’ll only get an official English name when hopefully, the game gets localized by NIS America.

More screenshots are included below, along with the debut trailer. You can also check Murder Detective Jack the Ripper‘s official site to listen to a BGM sample.

Murder Detective Jack the Ripper will be launching on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on April 25.


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