Murder, Steal and Uncover Your Origins As Orc Assassin, Styx: Master of Shadows

Murder, Steal and Uncover Your Origins As Orc Assassin, Styx: Master of Shadows

Everyone hates goblins. Usually they’re the nameless cannon fodder for some powerful evil overlord, or at best bumbling thugs players fight between adventures. Developer Cyanide Studio (collaborators with Spiders Studio on Of Orcs and Men) and publisher Focus Home Interactive seek to change that, with their upcoming infiltration-RPG, Styx: Master of Shadows.

Styx is a Goblin two centuries old. Described as the “very first of all the Goblins,” he a master in the arts of stealth, theft and murder. In Styx: Master of Shadows, the eponymous Styx must battle his way to the top of the lofty Tower of Akenash, a tower where Humans and Elves hide and protect “the Tree.” Here is the source of Amber, where Styx has the best chance to amass a small fortune and discover more about his true origins along the way.

The Tower of Akenash is full of immense and vertiginous levels that highlight the vertical perspective. As Styx ascends the tower, he’ll complete missions with various objectives, including “murder, information recovery, theft of precious artifacts” and more, while also uncovering his past. Cyanide Studio have designed the levels to be open, allowing for objectives to be completed in various ways: but of course, Styx is a Goblin, and so stealth is usually the best option.

The Tower of Akenash has many guards: Humans, Elves who use magic, huge Orcs (who have been the victims of successful experiments, though by whom is not stated), and other, stranger creatures. These guards, soldiers and other protectors will adapt their behavior dynamically depending on your actions, so its best for players to study the guards’ patrol closely, use areas of light and shadow to your advantage, lure targets to secluded areas for assassination, or arrange “accidents” to happen and remain undetected.

Styx: Master of Shadows will have RPG game mechanics, where experience will unlock new skills and weapons from six talent trees, and exposure to Amber will unlock extraordinary powers like invisibility, generation of disposable clones, and more.

There’s no news on when the game will be coming out specifically, but we have a few screenshots to hold you over until that’s revealed. Check them out above and below, and for more news from the publisher, check out all of our Focus Home Interactive news.