Music Themed Action RPG AereA Announced, Gets New Trailer and Screenshots

Music Themed Action RPG AereA Announced, Gets New Trailer and Screenshots

Soedesco has announced their latest game, a music themed action RPG, alongside releasing a new trailer and screenshots.

Today, publisher Soedesco, known for publishing titles 8-Bit Armies and Earthlock: Festival of Magic, have announced their latest original IP AereA. The game is the first in the AereA-series and is currently in development under the Soedesco brand. AereA will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year.

Alongside the announcement of the new IP, we also get a new trailer and screenshots for the game which can be seen below. AereA is a music themed action RPG in which the player quests to unlock the mysteries of the broken world of Aezir.

Hans van Brakel of Soedesco had this to say in regards to the announcement of AereA:

“Our strategy is to combine the publishing of third party games with first party titles. The AereA-IP is the next step in building a strong portfolio and a great addition to our 2017 line-up.”

Additionally, Soedesco gives us a quick overview of the game and its features:

AereA is a music themed Action RPG in which you play as one of Great Maestro Guido’s disciples and explore Aezir; a floating island that was broken into pieces. Your mission is to find and return the nine primordial instruments to restore balance and peace to the world. You have to find your way through all parts of the scattered islands; complete quests, solve puzzles, defeat bosses and discover the truth behind the islands. Will you be able to return the nine primordial instruments?


  • Enjoy the beautifully hand-drawn music themed graphic style
  • Experience the story to find out what happened to the floating island
  • Play as 4 different characters, each with their own unique set of abilities
  • Fight 9 unique bosses, inspired by a specific musical instruments
  • Explore multiple islands with a wide variety of biomes, enemies and puzzles
  • Switch to local co-op to form a team with up to 4 friends at any time

AereA is currently in development and is scheudled to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year.