Musical Video Game Figment Now Coming to Switch: Come Celebrate with Lyrical New Trailer

Musical Video Game Figment Now Coming to Switch: Come Celebrate with Lyrical New Trailer

Developer Bedtime Digital Games celebrated the announcement of a Switch version for Figment with a music video featuring the 'Plague Song'.

Developer Bedtime Digital Games was obviously feeling a tad harmonious today as they released a number of items related to their latest title. The ‘musical adventure’ Figment is now confirmed to be coming to the Switch via a press release. While the game was announced for PC, PS4, and Xbox One back in March, it will now complete the console trifecta with Nintendo’s hybrid system. However, at the moment the September release date only applies to the PC with the other versions coming ‘later in the year’. And to cap off this news, Bedtime Digital unveiled a music video trailer for the game showcasing one of the sickly villains.

Figment takes place in a human mind being overrun by gruesome creatures. You control a former avatar of courage for this mental plane, named Dusty, who is tasked with getting rid of these monstrous intrusions. He will battle these nightmares, solve environmental puzzles, explore the isometric subconscious world, and listen to the musical numbers from some of the less than wanted dark thoughts.

One of these ditties is highlighted in today’s trailer. It’s entitled ‘Plague Song’ and stars one of the dark creatures who seems to be the persona of pestilence. The song is full of lyrics relating to sickness such as ‘Your blood is boiling/Your head is split/You lose your lunch/And smell like/Ah, something nasty’. The song is appropriately jarring with composer Niels Højgaard Sørensen doing the vocals.

The art and music of Figment seem to be top-notch and even small details stick out in the trailer. It makes sense that the creature singing in the video is also wearing a plague mask. Unfortunately no price has been given yet and September will be first chance for PC owners to get their hands on this interesting title. But as always there’s the lyrical trailer below to keep us entertained until then: