MUT 22 TOTW 3, LTD, Offensive and Defensive Heroes for September 27

Buffalo Bills' QB is your POTW.

September 28, 2021

Now, it’s time to get to know the MUT 22 TOTW 3 stars, from Player of the Week to the limited-time deal and heroes.

The third week of the NFL is almost over, and we saw some surprising results and close games over the course of Week 3. While Los Angeles Rams earned their third victory by defeating Tempa Bay Buccaneers in this week’s most important match, Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t recover from their down-going run and were beat at home.

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With Week 3 coming to an end, now it’s time to check out the weekly picks of EA Sports for Madden 22 Ultimate Team. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the picks.


MUT 22 TOTW 3 – Official EA Picks

Player of the Week: Josh Allen (QB) – Overall 91

  • SPD: 83
  • THP: 91
  • SAC: 91
  • MAC: 86
  • DAC: 89
  • TUP: 84
  • RUN: 93
  • PAC: 86

Josh Allen made history during Buffalo Bills’ last game against Washington. He turned into the first-ever QB in Buffalo Bills’ history that with 4 pass Touchdowns, 0 Intercepted passes, and a rush Touchdown in a single game.

Defensive Hero: Shaquil Barrett (LOLB) – Overall 92

  • SPD: 85
  • ACC: 89
  • STR: 79
  • TAK: 90
  • PRC: 92
  • BSH: 88
  • PMV: 82
  • FMV: 93

The left outside linebacker from Tempa Bay Buccaneers is this week’s Defensive hero in Madden 22. Despite the loss against Los Angeles Rams in Week 3, Barrett had a nice performance with 3 solo and 2 assist tackles.

Offensive Hero: Ronnie Brown (HB) – Overall 91

  • SPD: 90
  • ACC: 91
  • AGI: 91
  • CAR: 89
  • CTH: 68
  • COD: 91
  • TRK: 79
  • BTK: 89

The former running back of Dolphins, Eagles, Chargers, and Texans is EA Sports’ pick for this week’s offensive hero. It’s yet to be revealed based on which performance from him this pick has been made, but football fans remember many outstanding performances from him for sure.

LTD: Tedy Bruschi (MLB) – Overall 91

  • SPD: 88
  • ACC: 90
  • STR: 87
  • TAK: 88
  • PRC: 90
  • BSH: 89
  • POW: 87
  • ZCV: 79

The former middle linebacker at New England Patriots and three times Super Bowl winner, Tedy Bruschi is this week’s limited-time deal in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

The QB from Buffalo Bills takes home the Player of the Week 3 card in Madden 22 as

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