Mutant Football League Hitting PC October 2017; PS4 and Xbox One Still Early 2018

Mutant Football League Hitting PC October 2017; PS4 and Xbox One Still Early 2018

Mutant Football League gets new overview video alongside it's PC release window announcement.

Back in February/March, Mutant League Football returned to the gaming world via Digital Dreams Entertainment and via Kickstarter. The funding campaign concluded, with the game smashing its $60,000 USD, raising an impressive $138,092, a total that saw it surpass every single one of it’s stretch goals.

For all you noobs out there who don’t know: Mutant Football League is an NFL Blitz arcade-style football game, but featuring nasty mutants, monsters, and gore galore. The series first arrived onto the scene in 1993 via EA and the Sega Genesis. It very quickly become a hit, and today it is widely considered a classic, and certainly one of the best in the arcade-sports genre.

That being said, today, Digital Dreams Entertainment announced that the game — on PC — will launch sometime in October 2017. Meanwhile, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are still poised for a release sometime in early 2018. Further, the developer also released a new “overview trailer” of the game, and revealed that it’s fully playable and near Alpha.

The game notably features a single-player experience; however, according to the developer it is at its most fun when playing with friends, either online or with local play of 2-4 players. There are over 14 unique teams, special all-star players, and a variety of stadiums where you can deploy traps against the opposing team or beat them with dirty trick plays such as bribing the refs.

For more information on Mutant Football League, be sure to check out our previous post where dive deeper into its gameplay and features. If you hate reading, then you might want to check out the aforementioned new overview video, which provides a more bullet-point view of the game, below: