Mutant Football League Surpasses Kickstarter Goal; Stretch Goals Revealed

on February 8, 2017 10:35 PM

Last week, developer Digital Dreams Entertainment announced a Kickstarter campaign for Mutant Football League, its NFL Blitz arcade-style football game, based off (if you couldn’t tell from the name) the 1993 Sega Genesis hit game of the same name.

In roughly a week, the Kickstarter funding goal of $60,000 USD was surpassed (the amount raised currently sits $71,994.), and now Digital Dreams Entertainment has revealed the stretch goals for the game.

Interestingly, ideas for stretch goals came from the community, after Digital Dreams reached out saying it didn’t have a stretch goal list, because the idea was always to have the backers decide what the stretch goals would be (within reason of course). And so the backers spoke, and the developers deliberated, and the following stretch goals were revealed (some of which have already been passed):

Mutant League Football

Mutant Football League is set to hit PC sometime in 2017, and arrive on Xbox One and PS4 sometime in early 2018. If you want to read more about the game’s Kickstarter, including its rewards, its playable demo, why the developer has launched a Kickstarer, or simply just more about the game itself, click here.

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