Players Can Mute Opponent's Chat During Matches in Artifact

Players will be able to turn off their opponents in Artifact should their chat turn toxic as confirmed by Jeep Barnett, alleviating vocalized concerns.

Players can mute their opponent’s chat in the card game Artifact from Valve.

When it was revealed that Artifact would have a global text chat that included the opponents you face off against in matches there was some blow back concerning the toxicity that exists sometimes when playing online competitive games. Speaking to IGN, Jeep Barnett explained that they did not want to discuss any specific moderation tools since development is an ever-changing process and he didn’t want to promise something that may not end up in the final product.

“When I’m talking to somebody, I don’t want to commit to features that other people at the company are then going to have to do,” Barnett explained. “I don’t want to come back to the office and have a bunch of people yell at me like ‘why are you promising to have these things that we’re not planning on doing or are planning on doing?'”

Should you find yourself against a verbally abusive player you can simply turn them off. Additional moderation tools have not been detailed but Barnett assures that just because they are not currently talking about them does not mean they will not be in the game.

Artifact is the newest game from developer Valve and is a digital trading card game based on DOTA 2 and will be coming to PC, Mac, and Linux on November 28, 2018. Versions for iOS and Android will be coming sometime in 2019.

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