Muv-Luv Creator Would Like to Launch Future Games Simultaneously Worldwide

Muv-Luv Creator Would Like to Launch Future Games Simultaneously Worldwide

While it took a long time for the first Muv-Luv games to land on western PCs, Creator Koki Yoshimune would like possible future releases to be simultaneous.

Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative launched in the west a long time after their original release in Japan. Yet, this could change in the future, as the series’ Creator Kiki Yoshimune told DualShockers in a recent interview conducted in Tokyo.

Yoshimune-san mentioned that the entire staff at ixtl are currently doing their best to improve their localization workflow, so that one day, future games of the franchise can be possibly released at the same time in the west and Asia as in Japan, or at least with only a few months delay.

Speaking of games that have already been released in Japan, Schwarzesmarken is also part of ixtl’s future plans. They don’t yet know the exact timing, but it’s a matter of having the resources to allocate to the localization.

For Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles things are a little different as the series has not been completed yet, so the team needs to focus on the Japanese version first, and when the right time comes it will be translated in English. Unfortunately, they don’t know when that’ll happen for now.

If you’re not acquainted with the series, you can read my own review of Muv Luv and Muv Luv AlternativeBoth games have recently been re-released on Steam, and they’ll launch on PS Vita this summer. You can also check out Yoshimune-san’s comments on the possibility of having international creators give birth to Muv-Luv stories set in their own countries, and on the perspective of expanding to new genres and platforms.

Of course, you can look forward to reading the full interview, that will be published soon here on DualShockers.