Muv-Luv October 24 2020 Online Event Full Report

Everything you should know about the Muv-Luv October 24 event, with new info on several projects and Akira Itsuki cosplaying Meiya.

October 26, 2020

A new Muv-Luv series stream event was held on October 24, titled the Hakuryo aNCHOR Preparatory Academy Online Student Assembly. The stream revealed a new trailer and 2021 release for the Muv-Luv Alternative anime, alongside new info on Project Immortal, Project Mikhail, and TDA04.  We detailed everything below. Note that a subtitled English version of the stream will be coming later. All the slides on the stream are already translated.

Muv-Luv History by ML General Producer tororo (Kazutoshi Matsumura)

The stream started with an explanation of the Muv-Luv series for those unfamiliar with it. Only people who already know ML clicked on this article though so I’ll only be going through the biggest points.

Everything started with Yoshimune Kouki writing the drafts for ML (plot, characters, mecha design), a game with a school setting and cute girls, something popular at the time.  Yoshimune didn’t understand “moe” so the project got temporarily stalled. Then, Baka-Ouji Persia (Masanori Sugihara), who was making the game with him, told him he wants to do something like Sentou Yousei Yukikaze. That’s how Yoshimune wrote ML with a school + mecha setting.

After that, Yoshimune went to talk to a lot of Galge developers for research, but they all told him he’s wasting his time and ML won’t sell. This actually motivated him even more, as he thought the game will have no competition.

Why Ratchet & Clank is the Most Important PS5 Game

The original ML included two parts, Extra and Unlimited. The third part, Alternative, was announced the day ML was released, and was supposed to release around six months later. But it took three years because of Yoshimune’s crazy attention to detail. When the release date of Alternative got announced, Japanese fans didn’t believe the date and thought it wouldn’t release.

New shots of the prototypes of the FREEing Meiya Sumika Bunny Figures

Before moving on to the next segment, the seiyuu Maria Noda and Chisato Konno quickly showed off the upcoming 2021 bunny figures of Meiya and Sumika by FREEing:

These are prototypes and weren’t painted yet.

Muv-Luv Worldwide Cosplay Contest, Akira Itsuki Becomes Official Muv-Luv Cosplayer Ambassador

The next segment on stream focused on how aNCHOR is holding a cosplay contest along with World Cosplay, The segment featured cosplayer Akira Itsuki cosplaying Meiya. The contest happened because Yoshimune realized a lot of people like the Muv-Luv characters and think they’re cool without necessarily knowing the series. The cosplay contest aims to make ML more popular worldwide.

Akira Itsuki is one of the strongest cosplayers ever, she pretty much made the whole costume herself. She said she first played Muv-Luv when she was “really small” which implies a lot of implications. She’s incredibly happy to have been selected as the official cosplayer and ambassador and will try her best so ML gets more popular.

Project Immortal Still Coming in 2021 But Won’t Get A Battle Demo In October 2020

The first big chunk of game info on this Muv-Luv October 24 stream. Project Immortal (tentative title) is an Action RPG coming to PC, mobile, where you play as various ML characters and their TSFs, fighting the BETA. On stream, Project Immortal developer Kitakuou, who was crossdressing and cosplaying Yui Takamura from Total Eclipse, explained the game’s development is going well, showing some progress regarding the TSFs’ motions and battle effects.

However, Kitakuou apologized because they won’t be able to release a free demo of the game’s battle part as planned this October. He admitted taking forever to get used to remote work, and being a bad manager, which resulted in a lot of communication errors. Kitakuou also jokingly said he realized he doesn’t care about the Muv-Luv story at all. Initially he only proposed Project Immortal because he thought TSFs look cool as hell. He kept saying similar jokes, and how he was full of himself because people used to praise him and say he’s “so skilled despite being so young”. All of this resulted in the demo not happening.

Project Immortal is still launching in 2021 though.

Project Mikhail First Gameplay Reveal, Pre-Alpha Footage

The second game related news announced on the Muv-Luv October 24 stream. Project Mikhail (tentative) is an ML action game also coming to PC and mobile. Unlike Immortal which is top-down view, Mikhail is 3rd person view like traditional mecha games like Armored Core. It will use something akin to a monthly subscription instead of f2p gacha system. Project Mikhail Director Atsushi Kumano explained they are trying to overcome concerns born from accurately depicting the ML universe and its specifications, like how the tank-class BETA are too small for this type of 3D action gameplay.

The game’s story parts will be told in an Adventure format (what we call visual novel outside Japan), using the ingame models. Meaning all modifications made to your TSFs will be shown in cutscenes.

Project Mikhail is also launching in 2021.

New Illustrations and Information on Muv-Luv Unlimited The Day After 04, Which Actually Won’t be Called That

The next segment had Yoshimune Kouki reveal new stuff on TDA04. He explained the first illustration is the Susanoo flying, with the rainbow semi-circle being the surface of the dimensional boundary. He said he can’t reveal yet the artist’s name for this artwork.

Moreover, they explained TDA04 will change its name. The official title won’t be “Muv-Luv Unlimited The Day After 04″. TDA04 will be a big and standalone story, so the new title will make it clear that you can play it even if you didn’t play Episode: 00 to Episode 03. Fans can send in suggestions for the new title.

Yoshimune Kouki also explained he had conflicted feelings writing TDA04 at first since he didn’t write all the previous stories in TDA. It felt as if he was stealing the story. But he is the original author of Muv-Luv,  so he realized it’s fine if he writes the final TDA chapter, that everyone would accept it too, and got over it.

There you have it, the Muv-Luv October 24 event. Tons of Muv-Luv things are happening in 2021 alongside the Alternative anime, so it really is a time to be a Muv-Luv fan. If you’ve missed it, check our reports on the September 19 event, and the July 3 event. Lastly, we have multiple articles on the August 2019 âge 20th anniversary event here, here and here.

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