Muv-Luv Project Mikhail Action Game Annouced for PC, Mobile, Won't Use Gacha but a Subscription System

Project Mikhail will launch in late 2020 or early 2021. Muv Luv Unlimited The Day After episode 4 should release in 2020.

Japanese studio âge held on October 22 the “âge 20th Anniversary broadcast [still breathing]” live stream. During the stream, âge most notably revealed three big projects, a reboot for Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, a sequel for Muv Luv Alternative titled Muv-Luv Integrate, and a new action Muv Luv action game titled Project Mikhail.

Project Mikhail will be launching for mobile and PC either in late 2020 or in early 2021, according to its Director Hitoshi Kumano. And it’ll be in English too.

Project Mikhail is a tentative title. Live gameplay of the game was shown on stream as well, and the staff described it as “Muv-Luv Armored Core“. The gameplay and graphics looks pretty rough though seeing everything is still in development. You can check it out at the timestamp linked below:

Project Mikhail lets you freely customize your TSF between each mission, and each mission is separated by dialogue scenes similar to the ones seen in the visual novels Muv Luv games.

One other important piece of info is that Project Mikhail‘s Technical Director is Yoshiki Kashitani. He used to work at Square Enix and was one of the main programmers on Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. On stream, Yoshiki Kashitani said he’ll use everything he learned back at Square Enix to make Project Mikhail into a great game.

Project Mikhail’s overall staff also includes various developers who worked on games such as Rogue Galaxy, Ogre battle 64, Front Mission 4 and 5, Ni no Kuni, or the Naruto Narutimate Ninja Storm series. Meaning there are ex-members of Square Enix, FromSoftware, Level-5, and CyberConnect2 among others, in Project Mikhail’s staff.

Lastly, Project Mikhail Director Hitoshi Kumano mentioned how he “hates pay-to-win”, so the game won’t include a gacha system/pulls to get new characters, TSFs, weapons, or parts. Instead, they’ll monetize Project Mikhail with a subscription system, something like a battle pass. And they’ll keep adding new scenarios and content. Kouki jokingly said he still has doubts about whether it’ll work out or not.

As a side note for Muv Luv fans reading this, during the stream, they also mentioned that Muv Luv Unlimited The Day After‘s episode 4 should release sometime in 2020.

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