Muv-Luv Publisher Rebrands into “aNCHOR,” Teases “New Project Coming Soon”

Muv-Luv Publisher Rebrands into “aNCHOR,” Teases “New Project Coming Soon”

ixtl, the publisher behind the Muv-Luv series, just rebranded to aNCHOR and has a new project up its sleeve which will come "soon."

Today Muv-Luv series publisher ixtl announced that it rebranded to “aNCHOR” also opening a brand new website.

In a comment from President Asahi Iwanaga the new name is explained by the fact that the company is like a port where people with the same dreams gather. When a project is over, they leave to travel, gain experience, go somewhere together, or advance to larger projects. Iwanaga-san goal is for aNCHOR to be a mooring port for those who focus on creativity to realize their dreams.

The market is currently changing and developing, and we’re entering an era in which individuals are more active than ever. The freedom and flexibility of building projects with individuals and teams without being tied down by the framework of a company can create more value than ever.

The publisher has given people the experience of excitement and an intense message through content represented my Muv-Luv. From now, while working with a lot of talent and dreams, they want to grow to new heights, leading to content that will enrich people overflowing into the world.

According to the website, the company will focus on game development, story design, rights management, and something defined “XR Experience,” combining virtual reality with reality and creating a whole new experience.

Last, but not least, we get the tease of a “new project coming soon,” even if there is no information on whether it’s a new Muv-Luv game or something else.

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