MvC2 Stat Tracking Details

MvC2 Stat Tracking Details

Just now Capcom announced that the MvC2 producer Rey Jimenez has posted the details of the stat tracking capabilities for MvC2. You will be able to get lists of your rating, rank, wins/losses, total snapbacks, total combos, and total one character victories. looks to be very robust and will give you plenty of ammunition to talk smack to friends. Thousands of people are already on the leaderboards.

From Jimmy Rey:

Displayed here are the stats for your individual teams. We have snapbacks, max combo, OCV’s, percentage that team is plays, and the percentage your top 5 characters are played.

If that wasn’t awesome enough, you are also able to look up another gamertag and compare your stats and the stats for the last 20 played teams.

Here are some detailed shots of the screens.

MvC2 stats

MvC2 stats 2

Check out all the details at

[Via CapcomUnityBlog]

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