MW2 3rd Person is Broken

MW2 3rd Person is Broken

Modern warfare 2 is broken! Yes there is a patch that went live today for the Xbox 360 and I just downloaded it but it looks like there are still things broken.

I just played a 3rd Person Tactical match on the map Rust where it was supposed to be a CTF match and was greeted with a rude awakening. I spawned and was killed by a teammate, kills were counting regardless of who was on your team. So you could spawn into a spot on the map knife your teammate that also spawned in and then pile on even more kills. Once you get a harrier or attack chopper the kills really added up since you could spawn kill your own team on Rust.

The other messed up thing about 3rd Person Team Tactical is that you can make it so that it is 18 players instead of the usual 8 players. Since the tactical maps are so small and compact it is easy to rack up a huge amount of kills, one of the guys in the room ended up with over 120 kills. Apparantly you can trick the game into merging Team Tactical with Ground War.

It seems that something is terribly wrong with 3rd Person Tactical overall, but especially on Rust. I just played on a couple of other maps and they seemed to be working normally but with a lot more players and an occasional lack of being able to aim for some reason. I can’t lie it was hectic but kind of fun but it leads to a heavily imbalanced way to get a ton of points.

::EDIT:: You can force the game to do this by using two players and creating different types of matches and canceling out. There are specific things you need to do but you can create these crazy game types and score a ton of points. So I stick to what I said MW2 is broken/hacked/glitched, whatever you would like to call it. Just saw it happen in FPS mode as well.