MW2 DLC is Now an Expansion?! What Happened To 2 Map Packs?

MW2 DLC is Now an Expansion?! What Happened To 2 Map Packs?

Wow, how quickly do we forget?  I know as gamers we normally have pretty short attention spans because we all live in the now, but seriously how hasn’t anyone picked up on this yet? I am the only one who can recall back to MSoft’s E309 Keynote, which left 360 fanboys reaching for the sky in victory and Sony fan’s groaning in the corner. This was all following the announcements of 2 timed exclusive map packs (not an exclusive timed expansion) headed to the 360 first. Don’t take my word for it just look around online, if you seek you shall find what I say to be true. Just check out the quote below!

“Developer Infinity Ward today took the stage at Microsoft’s E309 Media Briefing, announcing that the Xbox 360 will receive two downloadable map packs before any other platforms”

[ Chris Faylor VIA Shacknews June 1,2009]

Well, what’s changed then since then you ask? Oh not that much, just that Sony has Slimmed down the size of PS3. They have also provided the much needed price break that both the public as well as publishers were calling for; bringing the price of the system down to the impulse buy price of $299. And not to mention they’ve managed to move 3.8 Million units in a month. They have 38 million registered PSN users, compared to Xbox Live’s 20 million subscribers (half of which are gold members).

While I’m sure those who consider themselves as part of the 360 camp are now quickly reaching for the latest NPD results, to check the difference in MW2 sales. One thing that those people need to take into account that both Amazon and Walmart are not accounted for on that survey. That 4-1 sales ratio in favor to MS, may in reality not be as big of a difference. Now this is all going on theory, but has Activision actually gone as far as changing the details of the deal, as the climate in the console war seems to be shifting? Microsoft may still have secured the timed exclusive, but why is it now refereed to  as an expansion when it was “2 map packs” less then a year ago? This may be a bit of a reach, but last we all heard it was all map pack this and map pack that. Now we have the word expansion, and that sounds nothing like map pack!

I don’t think that’s too much of a reach, but I want to hear what you the reader thinks! Let us know in the comments section!