MW2 NYC Launch Coverage

November 10, 2009 marked the release of Infinity Wards most anticipated game of the year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  Of course this game alone would bring in massive media attention but how could they make it bigger?  Oh yea, how about a few thousand midnight releases and exclusive launch parties stretching from the US to Europe.  New York City was lucky enough to have their own launch party in Union Square, which I was able to attend.

First thing you see upon arriving was a huge tent set up right outside with a huge screen projecting the trailer of MW2, as well as a few HD TVs all around the tent.  There were even some projectors projecting the trailer on the ground as you would walk by.  There was an entrance and an exit to the tent but if you were to go far right, you would notice the media check in and the VIP room where it held stars such as Jadakiss, Ice T, Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher Cole Hamels, Tony Yayo, DJ Quest, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Major Nelson and FourZeroTwo… Don’t know if you want to count the last two as stars but on twitter they’re pretty big.  For those who weren’t VIP, a line was forming to get into the tent, which the entrance looked like you were ready to enter an war bunker but instead was the holy land of more than 40 Xbox 360 kiosks, each having 2 controllers, and of course all having Modern Warfare 2 ready to be played by the public.  Once entering the tent, you were able to choose on either playing Special Ops single/co-op, Campaign missions, or a full on 9v9 15 minute time limit Team Deathmatch, via System Link.  For those who wondered how MW2 will take LAN, I can personally say that it flowed great and join lobbies with no problems.  On LAN you have your own rank just like online play.  Once the Team Deathmatch game was over, they would take the MVP of the winning team and enter him/her in a contest being held there where winner who has the most kills and less deaths by the end of the night wins a Limited Edition Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360.  Being inside playing the game (not for the first time) with everyone else there was a blast; it was all about having fun and jammin to the crazy mixes of Legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff.  Compared to other launch parties around the world, where I know was bigger than this one, it was still a fun experience and I’m glad Xbox and Infinity Ward were able to do this for the NYC crowd.  We were all given a special Modern Warfare 2 T-Shirt for being at the event.

After all the festivities were done, it was about 11pm where everyone started heading to the nearest GameStop just to see the lines that awaited the midnight release.  At a particular GameStop were the developers of the game who were there signing copies of the game and answering any questions the fans might have.  I was able to pick up my Hardened Edition of the game and prepared myself for the massive fragging and drop shotting that the week was going to bring me.  Now owning a copy for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, hope to play online with everyone through both networks very soon.

If you have any questions about this article or the NYC Launch Party, feel free to leave a comment.  If you wish to play with me or any DualShocker member, you can ask us for our gamertags and we would be more than happy to play with you.

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