MX vs ATV All Out Trophy List Has Been Revealed

MX vs ATV All Out Trophy List Has Been Revealed

THQ Nordic's upcoming title MX vs ATV All Out is twelve days away from launch, with that in mind, the list of trophies have been revealed ahead of launch.

MX vs ATV All Out launches at the end of the month; as the date for the game draws near players may now start preparing themselves for the many trophies that will be obtainable in the game.

Over at, the website has provided a full list of trophies that will be available; this includes the rarity of each individual trophy. According to the list, MX vs ATV All Out‘s trophy total comes to approximately 40 altogether (1 Platinum, 4 Gold, 9 Silver, and 26 Bronze).

While this is a small list of trophies when compared to other new releases, the game offers a diverse range of challenges players are required to complete, and if you are incredibly skillful at the MX vs ATV series, then you should be able to Platinum this title with ease. Several challenges gamers will need to perform include placing at least 3rd place in a specific series, winning a particular number of holeshots, competing in an online match, as well as getting 1st in a certain amount of online matches just to name a few.

You can check out the list, in its entirety below this article. For additional information on the game, check out a gameplay trailer showing off the game in action, as well as a lovely batch of screenshots.

MX vs ATV All Out is set to be released on March 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

Name Description Trophy
You Went All Out Win all bronze, silver, and gold trophies Platinum
No More Training Wheels Complete any Freestyle, any Opencross, any National, and any Supercross Bronze
Amateur Offroad Place 3rd of better in the Amateur Offroad series Bronze
Pro UTV Opencross Place 3rd or better in the Pro UTV Opencross Series Bronze
Pro Freestyle Place 3rd or better in the Pro ATV National Series Bronze
Pro ATV Nationals Place 3rd or better in the Pro ATV National Series Silver
Pro SX 250 West Championship Place 3rd or better in the Pro SX 250 West Championship Bronze
Pro SX 250 East Championship Place 3rd or better in the Pro East Championship Bronze
Pro SX 450 Championship Place 3rd or better in the Pro in the Pro SX 450 Championship Bronze
Dominator Place 1st in every race in a series Gold
Ace in the Hole Win 10 holeshots Bronze
Coming on Strong Lap an opponent in a race Silver
On the Right Track Finish a race without going off track Silver
Legendary Place 1st in any race on All Time difficulty Silver
Step into the Arena Complete an Online match Bronze
World Class Complete 25 Online matches Bronze
Long Live the King Place 1st in 25 Online matches Silver
To the Victor… Place 1st in an Online match with 15 human opponents Gold
Gone Shopping Spend MotoCoin for the first time Bronze
Big Spender Spend over 100,000 MotoCoin Silver
Tuning In Tune a vehicle part Bronze
Factory Mechanic Upgrade a part to Factory Silver
Überbiken Equip as many factory level parts as possible on a vehicle Gold
Ouch! Wreck 50 times Bronze
High Miles Ride for over 100 miles Bronze
Long Jumper Land a jump with a distance of 300 feet or greater Bronze
Collector Collect all 100 Sprockets in Free Ride Bronze
Trickster Successfully perform any stunt Bronze
Inverted Land a flip Bronze
Wheelie King Hold a Wheelie trick for 150 feet or longer Bronze
Stoppie Master Hold a Stoppie trick for 75 feet or longer Bronze
Showboat Pull off 5 unique stunts in a race event Bronze
Stunt Man Successfully perform a 11x stunt combo Bronze
Look Ma, No Hands! Successfully perform 7x stunt combo ending with a no hander stunt Bronze
You’re It! Win a Tag Mini-Game Bronze
Survivor Survive the infection Bronze
Pandemic Infect the most people Bronze
Ghosted Beat your ghost in Time Trial Bronze
All Out Tour Place 3rd or better in the All Out Tour Gold