MXGP Pro’s Work in Progress Gameplay Reveal Highlights Motocross Action

MXGP Pro’s Work in Progress Gameplay Reveal Highlights Motocross Action

Upcoming motocross racing title, MXGP Pro is arriving for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in June. And now there's an official gameplay video to see how it's looking.

Developer Milestone srl has pushed out a brand new video for their MXGP Pro motocross title that’s arriving this June. This video shows off how the game runs with its first official gameplay video.

MXGP Pro will find players being able to customize their motorcycles to their heart’s content. And, more importantly, ride amongst a variety of dirty, muddy tracks. There’s also a career mode to get into, but also a Compound area. This Compound area will serve as a large training area with various terrains, allowing players to get used to new bikes, or just ride around.


The gameplay video introduces us to a racer already hot on the heels of various other racers. Throughout we get to see the HUD elements hard at work, and the physics taking place. There’s also plenty of mud being flicked around, and it appears as if they’ve tried to give the tracks a sprinkling of life by adding a lot of clutter. However, it’s important to note the game is showing off a work in progress.

The gameplay video ends before the race is up, but a lovely splash screen at the end reminds us that MXGP Pro will be arriving on June 29, 2018. It’ll be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’s also available for pre-order if the below video gets your blood pumping:

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