My Friend Pedro is Flipping Over to PS4 Next Week

My Friend Pedro is Flipping Over to PS4 Next Week

My Friend Pedro will be available on PS4 starting April 2.

My Friend Pedro, the irreverent, strange and stylish shooter, has long been overdue for its premiere on other platforms. Originally released on PC and Switch last year, it’s a wonderful game that is quick to play through and easy to pick up. Now, it’ll be even easier for those wanting a bit more spice in their shoot-em-ups to get just that. According to a PlayStation Blog post, My Friend Pedro is launching for PS4 next week.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of My Friend Pedro, here’s a quick run-down. You’re a masked gunman egged on to gun down gang members by an imaginary banana named Pedro. He’s kind of like a goofier Son of Sam. The game has you run, jump and flip through 2D platforming levels full of interesting and stylish ways to take down your enemies. That’s the focus of the game – style, and weirdness. You can shoot an enemy’s head off then kick that head at another enemy to kill them. Sometimes you’re presented with a skateboard and naturally hit some rad kickflips while dual-wielding Uzis. Combine that with the powers of slow-motion and split-shooting, and your character turns into an unstoppable blur of bullets and chaos. My Friend Pedro is a lot of things, but it sure isn’t boring or repetitive.

Along its way to the PS4, My Friend Pedro is also picking up some new features and changes. This port will include the game’s extra Code Yellow content. This expansion adds the most demanded features from the community plus some extra game modifiers to ensure your time with the game is as wild as possible. For fans of speedrunning there’s an in-game timer, and for folks that want to just run and gun, you can unlock all the weapons from the start and adjust your character’s speed. Or if you just want to up the game’s weird-factor, you can enable Big Head mode.

My Friend Pedro isn’t on the PlayStation Store just yet, so you’ll have to keep an eye out. That shouldn’t be too hard though since the game does have its set release date – Thursday, April 2.