My Hero Academia Chapter 325 Spoilers Explore Deku's Fate

The civilians discuss Deku's fate amidst another approaching threat to the academy.

By Jo Craig

September 2, 2021

**WARNING – This article contains major spoilers for chapter 325**

My Hero Academia Chapter 325 is only a few days away from releasing on September 5, and we reveal the spoilers ahead of time for fans who are desperate to dig into the next installment.

In the previous chapter, Ochaco and Deku have an emotional exchange about heroes fighting heroes, and how the civilians must try to support them. In order to move towards a future filled with hope, the civilians must let Deku recover, and Ochaco revealed that Deku helped her to become a hero. Whilst breaking down in the rain, a lady and a boy console Deku as Ochaco realizes their fate as heroes.

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Chapter 325 Spoilers

Chapter 325, titled “Connected by One For All,” opens with Mineta attempting to bond with Deku before Iida comes between them because it is not the latter’s turn. Kota then apologizes to Deku for not intervening, due to his overwhelming fear, but reveals that this fear vanished when he spoke to the woman Deku saved. 

The rescued woman thanks Deku for helping her, after many shelters rejected her, and calls him “Mister Crying Hero.” An old man then steps in to defend Deku against the civilians’ blame, stating that Deku did what he had to do to protect the city, and proposes that Deku now takes a break. The old man continued to remind the civilians that heroes have souls too and that they have become complacent because All Might did the heavy lifting for them. 

Another civilian addresses his confusion over spectators labeling Deku as an All For One henchman as well as the heroes’ best weapon. Some dubiety is conveyed over whether Deku should be allowed to stay in the academy before the civilian asks Deku if he can return everything back to normal. Deku responds by telling him that they will fight to restore what once was.

Meanwhile, Endeavor puts blame onto himself for the situation Deku is in, but Hawks believes that this predicament will evolve fruitfully. Hawks reminds Endeavor that the One For All power was built from a connection between people, which allowed All Might to connect with Deku, and now Uraraka is establishing a union with the civilians.

Over the phone, Nezu and Aizawa discuss the students’ progress with the civilians, and Nezu asks how she is coping with her new leg, to which she replies that she hasn’t gotten used to it yet.

Todoroki and Endeavor agree that Toya must be stopped, and Aizawa also tells Nezu that they are still looking for Toga before deciding to take revenge ahead of his infiltration of the academy. All Might overhears this plan and displays concern.

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