My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Spoilers Tease All Might's Interaction With Stain

Everything we know about the upcoming chapter.

By Shivam Gulati

September 15, 2021

After being delayed last week, My Hero Academia Chapter 326 is finally close to its official release. Moreover, the spoilers for the upcoming chapter have already surfaced on the internet, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

The recent chapters of My Hero Academia have been an emotional ride for fans. Of course, Deku is finally back with his classmates, meaning he isn’t alone anymore. However, the city is still helpless against the villains, which is still troublesome for Izuku and other heroes.

The previous MHA chapter, “Connected by One For All,” explored Deku’s fate. Now, everyone is eager to see how things will move forward for every character in the next chapter.

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My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Manga Trailer

My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Spoilers

According to the leaks, My Hero Academia Chapter 326 is titled “Who are you?.” The chapter kicks off with All Might visiting the place where Deku’s fight with Class A took place, and he sees a part of his mask lying on the ground.

Standing in front of his own statue, All Might remembers his conversation with Aizawa. He says to himself that he can’t do anything to save his disciple, and he’s just holding everyone back. That’s when Stain appears before him and says that these words are an insult to All Might, a great hero.

Interestingly, Stain fails to recognize All Might, probably because of his thin form. All Might transforms briefly to prove he’s telling the truth, but Stain still thinks he’s an imposter. He then says to Stain that maybe he was always lying about who he is, and the country’s current state is the end result of his efforts.

All Might regret not being able to help Deku and that he didn’t even have the courage to talk to him in the U.A. Suddenly, Stain jumps towards All Might and pulls him away from the statue. They both see a young woman approaching the statue. She’s the same woman who All Might saved in Kamino when she was trapped under the rubble. Surprisingly, the woman takes off the sign that says “I am not here” and starts cleaning the statue.

Looking at all this, Stain says that All Might is known for his courage and smile, not because of his powers. That’s the only version of All Might he will accept, and that’s why he fails to recognize All Might is his current state. He says that the city’s current state is not the “End result,” and they are still midway in the fight.

All Might starts crying at this point, and Stain says that he should use the information Stain obtained on Tartarus and end the Hero Killer. Finally, Stain throws a knife near All Might, containing the information he just talked about.

So, these are all the spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 326. Of course, these leaks may not be completely accurate, so make sure to read the official chapter when it arrives on Viz.

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