My Hero Academia Chapter 362 Spoilers Left Bakugo Fans Worried

Chapter 362 of My Hero Academia continues the fight against Shigaraki.

August 3, 2022

My Hero Academia will get the much-awaited Chapter 362 of the manga series this weekend, continuing the heroes’ fight against Shigaraki. The hot-headed Katsuki Bakugo is currently facing AFO with his allies from the U.A. Well, according to some recent leaks, Bakugo’s fight will end in the upcoming chapter, but it’s not exactly a good ending.

Early spoilers confirm that the next chapter of My Hero Academia is titled “Light Fades to Rain.” Tamaki will start things by launching Vast Hybrid: Plasma Cannon, his biggest technique so far. Amajiki’s attack is undoubtedly powerful, but it isn’t enough to bring down the enemy.


At this point, Shigaraki seems undefeatable, but our beloved Bakugo still stands up to fight the villain. This time, Bakugo unleashes every ounce of his powers to attack Shigaraki. Bakugo moves so fast that even AFO has a hard time keeping up with the kid’s movements. We learn that Bakugo’s ultimate move, Cluster, can create explosions from the user’s entire body. Honestly, it’s pretty satisfying to see Bakugo pushing his boundaries, but even then, he’s only thinking of keeping up with Izuku.

Bakugo isn’t an OFA user, but his incredible quirk still makes AFO uneasy. AFO suddenly thinks about the second user and realizes the urgency to stop Bakugo before the kid becomes more powerful. Now, AFO launches a powerful attack, and in the next panel, Bakugo sees All Might’s aura in a vision. In his final moments, Bakugo regrets not asking Toshinori Yagi to sign his All Might Card.

It’s clear that Bakugo has lost the fight against Shigaraki, and honestly, several fans expected that outcome. However, what the MHA community didn’t see coming is that Bakugo would lose his life in the battle. In the final panel, Bakugo lies on the ground with a bloodied face. The temperature in the city starts rising, and we learn that Bakugo’s heart has stopped working. The All Might Card near Bakugo’s body makes the panel even more heartbreaking for fans.

Of course, Kohei Horikoshi might bring Bakugo back to life through some plot twist, but there’s a high possibility that Izuku’s friend will stay dead. The mangaka might use Bakugo’s death as a trigger point for Midoriya. Some fans may argue that Bakugo can’t die because he has plot armor, but since the manga is at its final arc, a central character’s death doesn’t seem too illogical.

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