My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission is Out in Japan, Be Wary of Spoilers

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission - Why you should be wary of spoilers

By Iyane Agossah

August 6, 2021

Boku no Hero Academia The Movie World Heroes Mission was released this August 6 in Japan, and My Hero fans need to be particularly careful of spoilers from social media, whether you’re looking for them or plan to avoid them.

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Trailer 2

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Trailer 2

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission – Be careful of spoilers

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission is the third movie of the franchise. Just like the past two movies, it’s a brand new original story specifically written for the occasion, supervised by Kohei Horikoshi, the original mangaka of the series. In other terms, only those who watch the movie will know what happens in it. And there’s bound to be jerks who’ll spoil the story for others on social media.

Don’t believe the myth that every single Japanese fan is super thoughtful of others and stuff and would never spoil something on the internet. If you’re planning to avoid spoilers at all costs, if I were you, I’d include several My Hero Academia-related terms among my mute words on Twitter. Or I’d downright avoid social media for a few days.

Another point very important to note: inversely, if you’re looking for spoilers, I highly recommend taking everything you see with a grain of salt. Trolls will spread fake spoilers on purpose. Moreover, if you don’t speak Japanese, this means you’ll mostly be looking at spoilers which were translated.

Except, in scenarios like this, for a series as popular as MHA, you often have fans trying to translate things without speaking Japanese themselves. Which sparks tons of mistranslated and fake spoilers. The worst-case scenario is when these mistranslated spoilers include some sensationalism like “this character dies”, and are picked up and spread by YouTubers, influencers, and news outlets all trying to ride the wave.

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Is the movie coming out in the West?

Right now, the World Heroes Mission movie has no release date outside Japan. In the past, the movie would have definitely gotten a premiere screening at an event like Anime Expo. But that didn’t happen with the pandemic. For now, you can only wait for more information.

This Saturday, August 7, a special stream to celebrate the release of the movie is also happening in Japan. It’ll most notably feature the seiyuu voicing Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki.

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