Resource Management Visual Novel My Lovely Daughter Story Trailer Revealed

Resource Management Visual Novel My Lovely Daughter Story Trailer Revealed

Toge Productions and Gamechanger Studio's resource management simulator My Lovely Daughter is all about proper parenting and alchemy.

Toge Productions and Gamechanger Studio are working on a new resource management/visual novel title about love, loss, and harvesting souls. Today, we got a closer look at My Lovely Daughter‘s twisted storyline through a new story trailer released by the team.

My Lovely Daughter is a story about an alchemist named Faust who has seemed to lose his memories as well as the life of his daughter. When the game begins, he has just awoken within his seemingly abandoned home to find the corpse of his daughter and the remains of some unfinished work. So, he sets out on the task of reviving her.

However, reviving the alchemist’s daughter will not be an easy task. In order to accomplish it, Faust must grow a new soul by raising dozens of homunculi as if they were his own daughter, then slaughtering them to feed to his deceased daughter. To properly raise them, Faust will need to assign them to jobs and level them up. While doing this, he will also need to collect an income for more homunculus materials, as well as balm to prevent his daughter’s corpse from further decay.

Earlier this year, My Lovely Daughter was greenlit through the Steam Greenlight program. The game is expected to release for PC, Mac, and Linux sometime later in 2017.

Below you can find the story trailer for My Lovely Daughter. For more information on the game, you can visit its official dedicated webpage as well as its Steam page.