My Memory of Us Release an Album Containing Over 40 Tracks from the Game

My Memory of Us Release an Album Containing Over 40 Tracks from the Game

Composer Patryk Scelina has lent his talents to producing an album containing over 40 tracks from the game My Memory of Us which features a string orchestra

With so many incredible indie games being released lately, it’s not surprising that some deserve their very own soundtrack. My Memory of Us was first heard of back in March with a trailer titled Life’s Little Pleasures where we got to find out a little bit more from the puzzle platformer game, which is developed by Juggler Games.

Fast forwarding to today publisher of My Memory of Us IMGN.PRO announced that an original game soundtrack by composer Patryk Scelina is available right now. The score takes inspiration from the game in highlighting the happier moments as well as the more tragic ones too, all brought together using a string orchestra where you can hear the notes of the clarinet, solo violin, electric guitar and distorted synthesizers to accent the storyline.

To add even more emotion to the soundtrack, Patryk Scelina introduced soprano singer Roksana Korban and solo violin parts by Katarzyna Czapla. The album starts with a prologue in which we meet one of the main characters as an old man, brought to life by Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart’s voice.

My Memory of Us soundtrack will be released, along with the game, on October 9th, 2018 on Steam. You can also purchase it on other digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon. If you would like to download the album with a booklet and other additional content, you can visit BandCamp.

My Memory of Us is available October 9 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

You can check out the My Memory of Us soundtrack contains and the composer Patryk Scelina below: