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I recently got to sit down and check out the kid friendly MySims SkyHeroes, which is slated to release at the end of September. It was the Xbox 360 version and I was told that this was not the final build. It not being the final build was very apparent when the loading times took longer than a normal loading screen should. Other than that, the final version of MySims SkyHeroes should be exactly what I saw.

MySims SkyHeroes is an aerial combat game that mainly features dog fights and races. The idea with SkyHeroes was to create a game that would be as hardcore and competitive as your Modern Warfares, but still appropriate for all ages. This age appropriateness showed as the colors on the screen were bright and vibrant. Personally, I prefer bright and vibrant, because it shows everything much clearer. It is easy to tell what is happening on the screen at all times, and there is usually a lot going on with SkyHeroes.

The dog fights and races can be played on and offline. Up to ten people play during each match. Offline bots can take the place of the rest of the planes during split-screen action. There are items, boost pads and a whole lot of action that goes on during each match. It is kind of like Mario Kart, but in the sky.

There is also a story mode comprised of dog fights, racing and boss fights. I got to see one of the boss fights, and it has the player flying around shooting certain weak points on the enemy. It was a lot of fun to see all the explosions that occur on screen. The person who was showing me the game, Assistant Producer Matthew Salazar, stated they added so many explosions because, “kids love explosions.” I think he indirectly insulted me there, but I shouldn’t mind feeling like a kid. The only gripe I have with the boss fight was that it was too forgiving. You would explode, but you would immediately return to where you left off. The boss fight can be quick or it can take a long time, but you never lose.

I also got to see some of the customization options. You can create your own MySims character, but there are much more options when customizing your own vehicle. You can paint it, change its design, and change parts. More options are unlocked as you play through the game.

Overall, I think MySims SkyHeroes is going to be a very fun game that will be very competitive, as well. Another reference to Mario Kart, my casual gaming friends take Mario Kart very seriously. I think SkyHeroes has the potential to do the exact same thing; be a very accessible but competitive game.

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